“An amazing atmosphere with amazing teachers.  Mi Vida Yoga is much more than just a yoga studio.  they offer great workshops and healing as well.  There are some great lasting friendships to be made here”  -CP


“You’ve created such an amazing place with wonderful instructors.  There is nothing but positive loving energy everytime I walk into Mi Vida.  Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!” -JW


“Outstanding!!!  I am so grateful I found this place.  It has truly saved my life” -MF


This place is just what I needed to feel me again. These instructors are so amazing and remind me to be a little selfish and take just an hour out of my day to relax and replenish the soul. Ive been away much too long but cannot wait to go back!

Ashlee G.


I love this yoga studio! My friend introduced me to this place about a year ago after Cloud 9 Divine yoga closed down and it’s always been my go-to for hot yoga classes.I always bring a family member or friend with me, and they also always enjoy the classes. I love through instructors.

Jessica R.


Mi Vida is my safe place. My comfort and somewhere I know I can get the love and nourishment I need for my mental and emotional health. The instructors are the best, and the atmosphere is so warm and inviting! Mi Vida has my

Michelle T.


I love this place. I love that after a long, taxing day at work I can walk into their building and there is absolutely nothing but positive, vibrant & friendly energy. As a first time Yoga-goer, it’s been such a wonderful experience with them and its made me want to really get into the practice and learn more. Can’t wait until the next class!

Mariah M.


This is the first and only yoga studio I have ever been to. I always feel welcome when I walk through the door and always leave with a positive attitude! Great studio, great instructors!

Ally L.


It was my first time ever taking a yoga class, yet a HOT yoga class. I felt energized and amazing after. And I felt comfortable in Samantha’s class. I can’t wait to go back!

Ashley N.